Franchising is a business expansion system by which the owner of the business concept (franchisor) allows and supports another person (the franchisee) to replicate their concept and market products and services under its trade name, trademarks, and model business.

In LIMPORT , we have developed our strategy to expand domestically and internationally, through the franchise system for the benefits it generates for both parties (franchisor - franchisee).

LIMPORT offers several business models: Operational Franchising (contract) and Individual Franchise (by area), pointing one hand to entrepreneurs who work or have worked in the area and are interested in taking time contract ; and on the other hand investors interested in entering this business, but taking a specific area and to develop the concept.


Undoubtedly is a successful business model, with a recognized brand in the market.

Through the franchise system is launching a new concept of cleaning company and a network of entrepreneurs throughout the country.

Entering a growing market, since cleaning is a basic need, where increasingly the companys and organizations are hampered by the costs and regulations find staff perform this task efficiently.

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    In a franchise of LIMPORT will find:

  • Innovative services, excellent quality, professional support
  • A defined, attractive and growing market
  • Marketing and integrated communication for the whole chain
  • Model adaptable to different cities or areas
  • Advice for design and installation of commercial premises
  • Ongoing training for franchisees and colleagues
  • Counseling: Notarial, legal, accounting, marketing counseling
  • Supervision and support each franchisee by a representative of the company
  • Exclusive territories for the installation of commercial premises
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