About us

Mision and vision

Quality Policy

LIMPORT is a company dedicated to the provision of comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of condominiums, residences, businesses, factories, schools, hospitals and parks.

We base our competitive strategy in the excellence of our human resources and excellent quality / price of our services.

The dedication to service is backed by our demanding customer base, reflecting in the infrastructure and human and technical resources we possess.

Our Mission is to provide clean spaces to each of our clients, adapting to their needs in order to meet your expectations by providing personalized attention and a professional and efficient service.

Our Vision is to professionalize our industry, forming a company in the market, strong and sustainable over time, recognized for providing comprehensive cleaning services geared towards meeting our customers.

Therefore, we develop a lifelong commitment to:

  • Our Clients: through guiding our efforts towards meeting their requirements in an efficient and sustained over time.
  • Our Contributors: promoting growth and development.
  • Our Suppliers: generating a constant commitment oriented to "win-win" based on the strategic and mutually beneficial relations.
  • Our Shareholders: promoting sustained profitability over time, allowing the development of our organization, its stakeholders and investment in the country.
  • The Society and Environment: through compliance with laws and regulations, protecting our environment for the provision of our services.

We are committed to continuous improvement as a tool for achieving the goals of our organization as well as stakeholders

Sr. Neber Travieso



  • General Manager : Neber Travieso Mesa
  • Head of Operations : Sandra Tessore Castro
  • Head of HR : Claudia Greco
  • Logistic Manager : Javier Gonzalez
  • Administration Manager : Javier De Armas
  • Franchise Cerro Largo - Treinta y Tres y Tacuarembo : Cr Dario Gonzalez


  • Operations : Alicia Fretes
  • ManagerGerente General Paraguay : Roberto Nanni


  • General Manager Chile : Ronald Baier


We have our sales office installed in a hub of Montevideo (5 blocks from the main bus station), which provides access to our customers, as well as a good distribution of our human and technical resources.



We have a fleet of vehicles allows us to respond effectively to the demands we face in day to day. We expand and renew 80% of our fleet between 2011 and 2013.



  1. Asunción
    Wilmington S.A.
    Contact: Alicia Fretes
    Phone/Cell: 021606668/9
    Address.: R.I.18 Pitiantuta 183 esq. Teofilo del Puerto


  1. Temuco
    Aseo Industrial Chile Ltda.
    Contact: Ronald Baier
    Phone/Cell: +56978785740
    Address.: Callao 3037, Las Condes Santiago


  1. Cerro Largo
    Gonzalez Moura SRL
    Contact: Cr. Dario Gonzalez
    Phone/Cell: 42420707
    Address.: Agustin de la Rosa 309

  2. Treinta y Tres
    Gonzalez Moura SRL
    Contact: Cr. Dario Gonzalez
    Phone/Cell: 42420707
    Address.: Agustin de la Rosa 309

  3. Tacuarembó
    Gonzalez Moura SRL
    Contact: Cr. Dario Gonzalez
    Phone/Cell: 42420707
    Address.: Agustin de la Rosa 309